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Gangnam Style by PSY Korean Rap Video & Translation

Bizarre Korean rap video Gangnam Style by PSY has taken the Internet by storm.  Gone are the days of the Running Man and Robot, Gangnam Style is slated to be the most popular move on the dance floor.  Move over  Chris Brown…PSY has got Gangnam Style… If there is anything more strange than PSY’s Gangnam(…)

Beyonce “I Was Here” U.N. Performance for World Humanitarian Day

Beyonce’s inspirational performance of “I Was Here” at the United Nations General Assembly was unveiled on Saturday in honor of World Humanitarian Day.  This video of Beyonce’s U.N. performance is the new music video for “I Was Here,” with Beyonce in a stunning white floor-length gown against massive video screens featuring the world’s recent disasters(…)

Hot Cheetos & Takis Video by Y.N.RichKids

“Hot Cheetos & Takis” video by Y.N. RichKids from Minneapolis is turning into the hottest song of the summer.  Snacking is serious and there should be more music videos that pay homage to our favorite snacks on snacks on snacks.  Not only does “Hot Cheetos & Takis” by Y.N.RichKids rev up the rap game with(…)