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The Naked Japanese Fan Dance

There comes a point in every internet surfer’s life when they come across something so strange, so unreal, that it temporarily shuts down their brain’s ability to function. If you have yet to reach that point, then I give this: The Naked Japanese Fan Dance. Possibly what makes the video for the naked Japanese fan(…)

Music Videos Without Music Does Psy’s Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style strikes again! Once a video goes truly viral, the way Korean pop star Psy’s bizarre music video “Gangnam Style” has (over 333 million YouTube views at present), it becomes easy for hoards of parodies, covers, and remixes of the video to gain attention as well.  The YouTube user Moto2h took a different approach(…)

X Factor USA Hopeful Willie Jones Is A Unique Star

Let’s face it, singing competitions have saturated the reality television market so much that they could all be the same.  The X Factor USA is hoping to keep renewing the interests of the viewers with two new superstar judges, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato. No matter the judges and how many times they change, what(…)

Justin Bieber Gets Sick On Stage in Arizona

I’m feeling kind of sorry for those parents that had to cough up some of their hard earned money to please their little girls, maybe even boys, and allow them to attend the Justin Bieber “Believe” tour’s opening show in Arizona. With ticket prices ranging from $50 to $100, one would expect an amazing production.(…)

History Through Music Videos – French Revolution & Lady Gaga

Two history teachers from Hawaii may have actually found a way to make dry names and dates interesting for students. Amy Burvall and Herb Mahelona work at St. Andrew’s Priory School in Hawaii and are real full time history teachers, but they’ve come up with a way of teaching history through music videos.   Mrs.(…)