SciShow Explains Science Behind the Cinnamon Challenge

By Pavithra Mohan For those perplexed by the idiocy of the many acceptors of the “cinnamon challenge”—because, really, it sounds like a Barney Stinson moment—here’s a SciShow video that finally details the science behind the impossible task. The cinnamon challenge is the highly evolved feat of attempting to swallow a tablespoon of ground cinnamon in(…)

New Myspace Video Preview Reveals Sleek Redesign

By Pavithra Mohan Myspace pulled back the curtain on its new redesign with today’s posting of a new Myspace video preview, which boasts a streamlined format visually reminiscent of both Facebook and Pinterest, but with the added edge of horizontal scrolling. The new look emphasizes modularity while still preserving an image-driven layout that’s easy on(…)