‘A Real No-Brainer’ Video Questions Existence Of Literal No-Brainers

By Pavithra Mohan The phrase “no-brainer” is all too commonplace, but most people understand that without our brains we’d all be piles of slushy vegetative mush. YouTube educational channel VSauce looks to enlighten us on the inner workings of the mystical human brain, with host Michael pontificating on whether or not the term no-brainer is(…)

Google Sneaks Us Into Data Centers Using Street View

By Pavithra Mohan Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Google only became a household name within the past ten years. For young adults who grew up in the nineties, it’s hard to dredge up fragments of P.G. (“Pre-Googs”) life, particularly when it was marred by the likes of Yahoo and AOL search. “Search engine” was(…)

‘Why Obama Now’ Animated Video Advocates For Obama Re-election

By Pavithra Mohan This new pro-Obama animated short makes a compelling argument for the possibility of Obama’s second term as president, articulated by way of his economic outlook. The video specifically focuses on explaining why “trickle-down economics”, espoused initially by Ronald Reagan and then both Bush Sr. and Bush Jr., should hold no weight in(…)