Jimmy Kimmel Parodies IPad Mini Advertisement

By Pavithra Mohan “Anyone standing in line for an iPad Mini in New York or New Jersey this week should be punched in the throat. Right? If you have that kind of time, volunteer for something.” Amen, Jimmy Kimmel! Now I’m an Apple aficionado if there ever was one—click here for my ode to Steve(…)

Elders React: Call of Duty Black Ops

The REACT videos have done it again, making a new hit video series that is equal parts cute, funny, and interesting. Welcome to the internet, Elders React. In this video, elders react to the new video game, Call of Duty Black Ops. The moderator shows the elders the trailer for the new video game, as(…)

Henri Le Chat Noir Bemoans Halloween Hoopla

By Pavithra Mohan “None of these costumes are truly scary. No one ever dresses as crippling self-doubt.” Thus Spoke Henri, Le Chat Noir. Our favorite black and white cat with a chronic Francophone complex claims his throne amongst the existential greats with his latest tirade on the absurdity of Halloween’s hallowed traditions. Nietzsche and Sartre would quake(…)

Joss Whedon’s Romney Zombie Apocalypse

Everyone is gearing up for the 2012 presidential elections this week, and that means campaign videos are clogging up the air waves and showing up on every TV  channel and website possible. If you’re a little bored of the usual brand of celebrity campaign videos, this campaign spoof by Joss Whedon detailing the Romney Zombie(…)