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What’s In The New $7 Cup of Starbucks Coffee?

We all know Starbucks is an overpriced, overhyped bourgeoise haunt at best—though it doesn’t stop us from relishing a salted caramel mocha or peppermint hot chocolate. In this video, Jimmy Kimmel strikes again with an experiment in social psychology: he asks people which of two identical cups of non-premium coffee is Starbuck’s new fix. Hilarity ensues.

Off Your Mustache The Honorable Way

If you’ve elected to grow out your tresses in honor of No Shave November, Rhett & Link’s “How to Kill a Mustache” shows you how to trim the hedges with panache—and with respect for thy manhood, of course. For those of us who wanted to assay the testosterone coursing through our feminine veins, however, taking a(…)