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Hot Cheetos & Takis Video by Y.N.RichKids

“Hot Cheetos & Takis” video by Y.N. RichKids from Minneapolis is turning into the hottest song of the summer.  Snacking is serious and there should be more music videos that pay homage to our favorite snacks on snacks on snacks.  Not only does “Hot Cheetos & Takis” by Y.N.RichKids rev up the rap game with(…)

Japanese SpongeBob Video – Kids Love Sponge Bobble

This Japanese Spongebob video is pretty funny.  Ah, the days of being entertained by cartoon characters, toys, straws and plastic cups.  These Japanese kids could not be happier, or cracked out and possessed. Whoever produced this 2011 Japanese McDonalds commercial of Sponge Bobble (the way SpongeBob is pronounced in Japan) might have the most patience(…)