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Dumb Ways To Die

The single “Dumb Ways To Die” performed by Tangerine Kitty was posted to YouTube this Wednesday, November 14th and currently has over 200 thousand views. The video, features many cheery little bean-like cartoons meeting their premature ends in a plethora of ways, was made as an ad for Metro encouraging train safety. Tangerine Kitty sings(…)

Little Girls Taking Over!

Little girls taking over the world! Well, maybe not the world, but quite a few little girls have been making a splash in the media lately. As a card-carrying former little girl, I can tell you it’s nice to see young girls kicking butt and taking names, as well as providing inspiration for other girls,(…)

Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Youtube Challenge

For the second year in a row, the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live has produced immense sadness in children all over America. At least, the children of parents brave enough to take on his yearly Halloween Youtube Challenge. What commenced last year with the “I Ate All Your Candy” stunt to be recorded and sent in to the production(…)

Henri Le Chat Noir Bemoans Halloween Hoopla

By Pavithra Mohan “None of these costumes are truly scary. No one ever dresses as crippling self-doubt.” Thus Spoke Henri, Le Chat Noir. Our favorite black and white cat with a chronic Francophone complex claims his throne amongst the existential greats with his latest tirade on the absurdity of Halloween’s hallowed traditions. Nietzsche and Sartre would quake(…)

Safe Haven is a Classic Sparks Romance

Ladies (and a few gents!), get ready for Nicholas Sparks’ new romantic contribution in film. It is the time for Safe Haven to land at the port of the big screens near you. One would think that Nicholas Sparks would get tired about writing about love, fluff, and the trials and tribulations of romantic relationships. This has(…)