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Cee Lo Green Muppets Christmas Song Collaboration!

It’s after Thanksgiving, which means it’s time to get our Christmas on! What better way to start out the Holiday season than a Cee Lo Green Muppets Christmas song? The song is ” All I Need is Love” from Cee Lo’s new Christmas album. This version of the peppy Christmas song has been mixed with(…)

Tina Fey Tackles Dramedy in ‘Admission’

I have two confessions. I love Tina Fey and everything she does. I also always wondered what the work of an admissions officer really entails. The trailer for the dramedy film “Admission” has combined both of these confessions into one big package. The film’s synopsis is the following: “Straight-laced Princeton University admissions officer Portia Nathan(…)

The Big Bang Theory Has A Flash Mob On Set!

I must confess that while I am not a science or engineering major, I can still appreciate nerdy quips and shows about nerds. My favorite, by far, is The Big Bang Theory. There’s nothing like getting home from my Friday class, work, and errand-running to watch the previous Thursday’s TBBT episode. With a super cool cast like the(…)