Country super star Carrie Underwood was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last week to promote the Country Music Assossiation Awards (she’s been hosting them with Brad Paisley since 2008) and to have some good old fun with the host, Jimmy Fallon. Carrie Underwood definitely has a great sense of humor, so it was only natural that she would participate in a country-themed comedy sketch with Jimmy Fallon while on the show.

Carrie Underwood and Jimmy Fallon have provided us with a gem in this sketch. The premise is that they had both been a Nashville-based country duo in the 1990s called Jim Carrie that found success through the invention of a new genre, “country rap” or as they call it, “c’rap.” If that wasn’t funny enough, we see Jimmy and Carrie Underwood dress up in denim country get-ups while they cover 90s rap songs like ”Straight out of Compton” and “The Humpty Dance.” This clip can have me rolling for days. I love when songs from specific genres are covered by artists of other genres.

The great thing about this sketch is that it was done live but passed off as footage from their Jim Carrie days. Carrie Underwood and Fallon only just got more disheveled as the skit played on. You can’t fool the viewers! I think I might just turn modern rap songs to country songs in my head this week. How about a little “Super Bass” with a country twang?

By Beth Colon