By Pavithra Mohan

A self-proclaimed “New Orleans Beauty Guru”, actress and makeup expert Brie Lybrand posted an uncharacteristically sobering video on her YouTube channel MyRedSolara last week, proclaiming the following: ”My father, Steven Bressler, molested, tortured, and raped me from the time I was four till I was thirteen years old.”

This heartbreaking declaration is delivered in a very different vein than that of her other videos. A regular YouTube presence, Lybrand is always exceptionally chipper and bubbly in her postings. She usually gives subscribers pointers on the latest Sephora products, seasonal foundation techniques and new clothing hauls.

This public reveal of Lybrand’s father as her rapist of many years comes after he suddenly subscribed to her YouTube channel.

Lybrand explains that her career path was influenced by her father: “I think I became an actor because I had to escape my reality, the reality and the tortures of what you did. I got really good at it; I got really good at pretending I was somewhere else. Steven Bressler, when you were raping me, my mind was somewhere else: I was in Disney World, or I was on a beach, or on a swing listening to Broadway musicals… I was anywhere but you on top of me.”

Lybrand addresses her abuser directly as she shows off the arsenal of weapons at her disposal to protect against him including, ironically, a pink revolver deemed “The Pink Lady”.

Some people have speculated that Lybrand’s video might be a fake, fabricated by a budding actress; I find it hard to believe that anyone would cook up this harrowing story. Are we to assume that all actors are acting their way through their personal lives? It’s time we reel in our Internet-borne cynicism.