It doesn’t matter if you are in love with twilight or love to hate it, this Breaking Dawn parody music video is still comedy gold. One of the best things about the video is the way it uses real popular music to comedic effect through out the parody. All of the music is perfectly selected and timed to be absolutely perfect for the video and story, making it also absolutely hilarious

The Breaking Dawn parody follows the the plot of the book and movie through a music mash-up of 4 different songs. The first song is delightful techno ditty aptly named “I’m gonna Marry Edward…”, and it remains the theme song for Bella Swan throughout most of the video. Bella gets dressed for her wedding, dances in a forest, and walks down the isle all while singing about how she will marry Edward Cullen. After Bella walks down the isle we get to hear Edward’s theme song for the video, the beggining (more romantic) refrain from Pitbull’s “Give Me Everything Tonight”, which is amusingly appropriate for a wedding night. When Jacob appears on screen, quite drunk and trying to steal Bella’s affections, we are treated to the rap portion of “Give Me Everything Tonight”.

After the wedding its off to the honeymoon and we are then treated to each character and their theme music throughout the honeymoon hijinks. After the honey moon we get to see the Edward and Bella ironically sing “You’re Having My Baby” by Paul Anka as Bella slowly wastes away during pregnancy. To truly understand the awesomeness of the music selection, as well as the actors facially expressions during each song, you have to watch the video. It is truly one of the best parodies and examples of song selection I have ever seen,

If you want to watch more more movie parodies by The Hillywood Show, including the rest of the Twilight saga, you can visit their YouTube page.