Beyonce’s inspirational performance of “I Was Here” at the United Nations General Assembly was unveiled on Saturday in honor of World Humanitarian Day.  This video of Beyonce’s U.N. performance is the new music video for “I Was Here,” with Beyonce in a stunning white floor-length gown against massive video screens featuring the world’s recent disasters and honorable humanitarian efforts.

Beyonce’s “I Was Here” music video was directed by Kenzo Digital and Sophie Muller, urging viewers to make a difference and asking, “What Will You Do?”  As Beyonce belts her heart out to this moving song, audience members and humanitarians cheer and sing along to her beautiful message.  It is no wonder that Beyonce’s performance helped inspire a social media record for World Humanitarian Day, with one billion messages sent encouraging others to do a good deed.  I’m thinking Beyonce for president.