If you are a geek and haven’t heard of the YouTube channel V Sauce or their web show BiDiPi, you totally need to check out this epically awesome geek-ery.

BiDiPi stands for Build it, Draw it, Play it, and the show highlights some of the coolest creations from everyday people all around the world.  This particular video also shows everything from truly spectacular airbrush drawings to the awesome geek-ery that is a real life, 1 to 1 scale model of a Star Wars Millennium Falcon.

In the build it portion of the video, we get to learn about how Mike Ando created a real Myst linking book form the video game Myst, how Jeremy Telford made a balloon Bag End from The Lord of the Rings, the amazing geek-ery that is the stained glass art of Evan Daniels, and, of course, the epic Full Scale Millenium Falcon.

The Draw It section of the video features the eye-popping 3-D Drawings by Ramon Bruin, the awesomely realistic Art Of Chris Scalf,  some of the art from POP! 2: The Art Of Pop Culture going on at LTD art gallery, and  Re-Envisioned Cereal Box Covers by Guillermo Fajardo.

In the Play it section we have Jon Gomm doing an amazing version of Message In A Bottle while playing both strings and percussion by himself. We also have a Dyskograf, which allows pen marks on paper to be read as music by a computer, a homemade Kalimba using found objects, and the new S O H N music video.

Check out all this awesome geek-ery in under 6 minutes on this video!