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Facebook Reaches One Billion, Launches Ad Campaign


By Pavithra Mohan Facebook is perhaps the last social venture that needs an international ad campaign—followed at a slight distance, some might argue, by Twitter—but today marks a major milestone for the company. In an official “Newsroom” blog post, Mark Zuckerberg announced the following: “This morning, there are more than one billion people using Facebook(…)

The Piano Guys Cover David Guetta’s ‘Titanium’

By Pavithra Mohan YouTube music sensations The Piano Guys just released their latest single, a classical take on David Guetta’s hit pop song “Titanium”. The cover combines the lyrical beauty of the classic French composition “Pavane”, composed by Gabriel Fauré, with the synth guitar and bass drops of Guetta’s “Titanium”. Since joining forces last year, The(…)

Barney Tells “How I Met Your Mother” Story In Under A Minute


By Pavithra Mohan In this clip from the season eight premiere of “How I Met Your Mother” (HIMYM), Barney Stinson swiftly tells us what Ted Mosby has dragged over seven long seasons: he sums up the bulk of Ted’s meandering will-it-ever-end love story in 52 short and sweet seconds. Monday’s season premiere opened where last(…)

SciShow Explains Science Behind the Cinnamon Challenge

By Pavithra Mohan For those perplexed by the idiocy of the many acceptors of the “cinnamon challenge”—because, really, it sounds like a Barney Stinson moment—here’s a SciShow video that finally details the science behind the impossible task. The cinnamon challenge is the highly evolved feat of attempting to swallow a tablespoon of ground cinnamon in(…)

New Myspace Video Preview Reveals Sleek Redesign

By Pavithra Mohan Myspace pulled back the curtain on its new redesign with today’s posting of a new Myspace video preview, which boasts a streamlined format visually reminiscent of both Facebook and Pinterest, but with the added edge of horizontal scrolling. The new look emphasizes modularity while still preserving an image-driven layout that’s easy on(…)