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Jimmy Kimmel Asks “Who Won” Before Presidential Debate Airs

By Pavithra Mohan Oh, to be ignorant and entangled in lies on national television. No, you didn’t just click on a recap of the presidential debate—far from it, actually. Jimmy Kimmel and his team found great pleasure in questioning dawdlers on Hollywood Boulevard hours before the second debate began on Tuesday. The pressing question at(…)

‘What If Money Was No Object’ Highlights Excerpt From Inspirational Lectures

By Pavithra Mohan We’re told this by every inspirational adage in the book: to do what we love, not what quickly puts a million in the bank. Strangely, it’s rare to actually hear this from professors in this day and age—or maybe we’ve just never heard it said this eloquently. This three-minute video stars an(…)

Water is Life Ad Campaign Recruits ‘First World Problems’ Internet Meme

By Pavithra Mohan The “First World Problems” meme—more ridiculous than tongue-in-cheek—has swept the Internet, making its way from Twitter hashtags to, most recently, a public service announcement video that spreads awareness, stating that “every year of every day, thousands of people fall victim to FWP”. In theory, it should be hilarious in that it points(…)

‘Why Obama Now’ Animated Video Advocates For Obama Re-election

By Pavithra Mohan This new pro-Obama animated short makes a compelling argument for the possibility of Obama’s second term as president, articulated by way of his economic outlook. The video specifically focuses on explaining why “trickle-down economics”, espoused initially by Ronald Reagan and then both Bush Sr. and Bush Jr., should hold no weight in(…)

Al Gore Accuses Denver’s Altitude Of Impacting Obama’s Debate Ability


By Pavithra Mohan In the latest trending political sham, former Vice President Al Gore makes the most brilliant of deductions as to why President Obama was more than a little rusty during last night’s presidential debate. While trying to make sense of Obama’s lackluster performance during Current TV’s post-debate analysis, Gore used his sound judgment(…)