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Bacon Sundae Video – Woman LOVES Burger King’s Bacon Sundae

I’ve got to try this bacon sundae.  This lonely obese woman is sitting in Burger King eating their new Bacon Sundae and is having an orgasmic experience.  Never have I seen someone get so worked up over Burger King…or a bacon sundae for that matter.  She is really FREAKING out in this video. Word on(…)

Gangnam Style by PSY Korean Rap Video & Translation

Bizarre Korean rap video Gangnam Style by PSY has taken the Internet by storm.  Gone are the days of the Running Man and Robot, Gangnam Style is slated to be the most popular move on the dance floor.  Move over  Chris Brown…PSY has got Gangnam Style… If there is anything more strange than PSY’s Gangnam(…)

Screaming Sheep, Jehovah’s Witnesses Tell Deaf Not To Masturbate & Other Funny Videos

The Incredible Screaming Sheep.  This is frightening… Jehovah’s Witnesses Telling Deaf People Not To Masturbate.  Appropriately set to R. Kelly’s Ignition. Dancing Kitten Chorus.  Specifically the confused little white odd ball. “Edward and Bella” A Bad Lip Reading of Twilight. “Dude, you slapped a fish!” Traffic Cop Breaks Out Michael Jackson Thriller Moves.  Is this(…)

Mom Sleepwalking & Sleeptalking About Tomato Cages

Nick Foti captured his mom sleepwalking on video, sleep dancing, and sleep talking about tomato cages!  Tomato cages are frequently recurring dreams, duh.  This hilarious mom is now pissed off after her “special thing” did not open the tomato cages.  She also has some amazing dance moves that apparently only manifest in a sleepwalking state(…)