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The Host Trailer Is Out Of This World

So it’s that time of the year. I’m not talking about the time where trees have no more leaves and the wind is much more biting. I’m not even talking about the time where we can spend time with our families and eat tons of turkey until we pass out. I am talking about the(…)

Warm Bodies Gives Love to Zombies

They say out there that love is what makes humans what they are, human. While there is a great amount of characteristics that set humans apart from any other being, love is not one that can be shared with zombies. That was until the film Warm Bodies came along with its wacky romantic zombie comedy(…)

Mitt Romney and his Concession Call to President Obama

Last week was the General Election in the United States, if you have not been made aware of this, and while some thought that it would bring a new President to the United States of America, it turns out that the incumbent, Democrat Barack Obama won his re-election with 332 electoral college votes, surpassing the minimum 270(…)

Carrie Underwood Turns Rap into Country Music

Country super star Carrie Underwood was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last week to promote the Country Music Assossiation Awards (she’s been hosting them with Brad Paisley since 2008) and to have some good old fun with the host, Jimmy Fallon. Carrie Underwood definitely has a great sense of humor, so it was only natural that she would participate(…)

Saturday Night Live Spoofs Homeland


Yesterday, the long-running live comedy show Saturday Night Live had Oscar and Golden Globe nominee Anne Hathaway take care of hosting duties. This is the third time that Anne Hathaway hosts Saturday Night Live. She’s pretty spunky and pretty good with impressions, so she took a stab at Claire Danes’ character, Carrie Mathison, from the hit Showtime series Homeland. With(…)