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PrankvsPrank: Black Friday Employee Prank

There’s something about pranks that just make my heart a little bit lighter. I like pranking people, but I don’t like getting pranked–especially when the pranks could be harmful to my health. My favorite pranks involve some lying and a lot of trolling. Trolling is kind of an art. You have to be obnoxious but know when to back(…)

Twilight Gets the Bad Lip Reading Treatment Again

If there is one thing I enjoy on the internet, it’s the Bad Lip Reading videos. I find it quite amazing how people can sit and watch movies, music videos, and television shows on mute so that they can read lips and create some magic. In this video they take on the second film of the Twilight saga, as(…)

Tina Fey Tackles Dramedy in ‘Admission’

I have two confessions. I love Tina Fey and everything she does. I also always wondered what the work of an admissions officer really entails. The trailer for the dramedy film “Admission” has combined both of these confessions into one big package. The film’s synopsis is the following: “Straight-laced Princeton University admissions officer Portia Nathan(…)

Bangakang: World’s Biggest Pile of Leaves


Now, let me just say that I love to jump on leaves. This means that my favorite time of the year is definitely the fall season. That might sound really cheesy or cliche to a lot of you, but the fall is the best time of the year. The pumpkin extravaganza comes in to every(…)