An acrobatic dog named Ozzy slacklines in a video posted to YouTube by user nickozzy. The video was originally posted to YouTube in February of 2012 but was recently posted to Reddit Videos and reached the front page in four hours. People can get their dogs to do some of the darndest things these days. The video features Ozzy the dog standing on a slackline by himself and then standing up on only his hind legs. My favorite comment on the video was “my damn dog wont even sit in the car” posted by jmorg38. The video only has close to 2,000 views currently but I expect the nod from Reddit will launch this acrobatic dog to stardom.

I don’t have a dog but if I did I’m not sure I would spend my time teaching it to stand on a rope. I would want it to be able to pull its weight around the house. Dog food doesn’t grow on trees, you know. So, here are some of the useful tricks I would teach it.

Useful Dog Tricks to Teach Your Dog:

  • How to make coffee.
  • How to french braid.
  • How to start the car in the winter.
  • How to gently tell my roommate to clean up the monstrous pile of dirty dishes she leaves in the kitchen. Seriously, that’s a health hazard.
  • How to wash the dishes when my roommate ignores my dog’s subtle hints.
  • How to give a great back massage.

I actually don’t want a dog, I want a butler, but they don’t have those at the animal shelter.

By Gena Gephart