There comes a point in every internet surfer’s life when they come across something so strange, so unreal, that it temporarily shuts down their brain’s ability to function. If you have yet to reach that point, then I give this: The Naked Japanese Fan Dance.

Possibly what makes the video for the naked Japanese fan dance so memorable (besides the naked dancing), is the classic and demure way the video begins. The video starts with the sounds of traditional Japanese drums and stringed instruments. To add to this beautiful and calming music, a slide show of classically beautiful scenes from nature begins to cross the screen. Flowers and cherry blossom trees set before deep blue lakes and the majestic Mount Fuji are interspersed with the first clips of our singers. The young men, though their hair is a bit on the wild side, add to the soothing sounds and images with their haunting vocals. Approximately ten seconds or so after the vocals are introduced, we have our first hints that this video may not be what it seems. A few blurry images of figures waving red fans cross the screen, and one can vaguely make out that the figures are not fully clothed. At this pint the beat of the music picks up and the video crosses the insanity horizon and continues to accelerate.

Over a dozen fully naked Japanese men appear on your screen, each nude figure clutching a bright red fan in each hand. They proceed to do an incredibly well coordinated naked fan dance that, miraculously, manages to never reveal a single dancer’s genetalia to the camera. At least on fan is always preserving the modesty of the dancers, though that fan may not belong to the dancer holding it. The sheer enthusiasm the men demonstrate in their dancing and singing would be hilariously entertaining enough, even is they were fully clothed. But the fact that all of these Japanese dancers are buck ass naked, and the fact that most of them are quite doughy, makes this video so incredibly silly, it might actually short circuit your brain.

The Naked Japanese Fan Dance doesn’t stop at mere dancing however, it decides to add an extra layer of weird. The  young men add volleyball, roller skating, jumping rope, and baseball to their list of naked activities. This video is a true example of the kind of crazy silliness that makes the world sit up and say, WTF Japan? It will definitely help you brighten up the dreariest of days, just make sure you have a few moments to reboot your brain after all of the crazy that is coming your way.