This video shows us a particularly useful life hack, especially if you have a sweet tooth. A life hack is any kind of trick or shortcut that solves an everyday problem in a clever way. This particular life hack shows us how to eat a cupcake. Before watching the video, you are probably thinking to yourself, “How to eat a cupcake? You don’t need a life hack for that. Just open mouth, insert as  much sugar-y, cupcake-y goodness as possible. Problem solved!” And while this may be a way to eat a cupcake, it is not the best way to eat a cupcake, the video shows us why this is the case.

To demonstrate why proper cupcake eating technique is important, the video first demonstrates a few of the improper ways to eat a cupcake. The first example shows the  cupcake eater trying to take a large bite straight from the side of the cupcake. This approach, while direct, will leave you with a frosting mustache, and possibly frosting up your nose. This is not how to eat a cupcake properly.

The next demonstration shows the man eating the cupcake trying to take a smaller bight so as to avoid a face full of frosting. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to take a small bight dainty enough to keep you frosting free and still actually get a satisfying mouthful of cupcake. Again, this is not how to eat a cupcake properly either.

The third demonstration shows the cupcake man going straight for kill, grabbing the cupcake by the frosting and taking a large chomp out of it’s cake-y underbelly. While this may keep you free of frosting face, the frosting mess is now transferred to your hands, making it hard to look sophisticated and  disturbing the cupcake to frosting ratio of each bight. Obviously, this is not how to eat a cupcake.

The last improper way to eat a cupcake shown, is the reverse of the third demonstration. Instead of grabbing the cupcake by the frosting, the man grabs the dessert by the cake and shoves the treat frosting first into his open mouth. The cupcake being quite large, and liberally frosted, leaves a large frosting ring d around the man’s mouth and little or no actually cupcake inside it. Once again, not how to eat a cupcake.

Finally we are shown what we have all been waiting for: the proper way to eat a cupcake. The demonstrator carefully splits the cake in half,  then takes the bottom half of the cupcake and sets it atop the frosting. Now he has a cupcake/frosting sandwich, which he can easily hold and maneuver to his mouth without getting face or hand full of frosting. Every bight will also have a perfectly equal ratio of cupcake to frosting, heightening the cupcake eating experience.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen: How to eat a cupcake.